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Have you shopped around and still not found exactly the right pair of cufflinks to express your personal style? Well, Clever Cufflinks has the solution! We specialize in custom products, handmade from customers' own items, images or designs. We will work with you to create exactly the look you desire, in your choice of materials. We can work on relatively short lead-times, have no minimum order quantity, and price our products reasonably.

Below is an overview of our custom services. For a more detailed look at having your own cufflinks made, please click here* to download our custom services brochure.
* Note: A PDF reader is required to view the brochure. Click the icon to download Adobe Acrobat for free.    

Child Photo Cufflink

Objects we can work with

Here are some of the items we can mount as cufflinks for you:

Cufflink items for mounting should be between the size of a shirt button and a nickel, or 1/4-inch to 7/8-inch in diameter. (Smaller items can be mounted as shirt studs.) They can be any shape, and made of virtually any material. To the left and below are examples of objects we have mounted as cufflinks. Other examples can be seen throughout the product section of our website.

Penguin cufflink photo Custom relief designs

Besides mounted objects, we can also do custom-etched relief patterns on metal from your own sketches, designs, logos or camera-ready art. You can have your initials, a family crest, logo, figure, text or any combination of these. Clarity is important, but most anything that will be legible/visible at a size of under an inch will work.

We can impart custom designs to three types of metal: sterling silver, brass and copper. You can create a different look by adding enamel inlay. We can do enamels in most colors, and can employ up to four different colors per piece. If you are looking for a more subtle effect, an antique patina can be added.

We encourage you to use your imagination, and feel free to bounce your design ideas off of us.

Materials choices

Clever Cufflinks stocks torpedo-style, rotating cufflink posts in several different metals:

We can obtain or fabricate other linking mechanisms as well. We typically manufacture cufflink fronts from the same material as the post, and stock a variety of metal sheet, tube and wire for this purpose. If you are interested in a money-saving design option for etched cufflinks, you should consider “Nickel” silver, a shiny, non-silver alloy that never tarnishes.


Our custom prices start at just $75 per pair, but as you might expect, they do vary considerably. For a rough price estimate, please download our Custom Services Brochure, or e-mail us. For larger orders, we generally require a 50-percent deposit up front, and the balance when your products are finished.

We have no minimum order quantity, and can work on short lead times (under one month). Unlike some other firms, all of our products are made in our own workshop. This enables us to manufacture products exactly the way you want them—not the way someone in a factory halfway around the world assumes they should be.

Placing your custom order

Think it over. When you are ready, we would be pleased to quote you a price for a custom pair of cufflinks or stud set. You can e-mail us here. Or, if you are interested in transferring a design or photograph, you can upload your digital artwork to us by clicking here.

Whether you are a smart-dresser or a smart-aleck, we will work with you to create a pair of links or a stud set that expresses exactly the sentiment you wish to convey. If you already wear custom shirts or custom suits, you owe it to yourself to try a pair of bespoke cufflinks, too!

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