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Custom Orders: Uploading Image Files to Us

If you want to get started on a custom order right away, you can go ahead and upload digital image files of your artwork to us. This method deposits the files directly onto our server, which saves time and also allows larger files to be sent than is possible with some e-mail services. Once we receive your images, we will e-mail you back our preliminary thoughts. We will respond in almost all cases within 12 hours.

Uploading files to us is very simple. Do the following:

Step 1:  Let us know your images are on their way by completing the contact form below. (Without this information we won't know what to do with them!) After you complete the form, press the “Send Message” button and proceed to Step 2.

Contact Information Form
Your first name:    Last name  
Your e-mail address:  
Briefly describe your custom project: 
→ Click here once you have pressed 'Send Message' to proceed to Step 2 and upload your image(s).
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