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Frequently Asked Questions

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I can find cufflinks for less money elsewhere. Why should I buy Clever Cufflinks?

Our products are truly unique. Every object we use to manufacture a Clever Cufflink is guaranteed to be at least 40 years old. Most are over 50 years old, and some date to the 19th century or before. We comb flea markets, antique stores and the Internet looking for suitable, tasteful and (of course!) clever materials for our cufflinks. Many of the items we select are scarce and costly. Thus, our products are not only functional and attractive, they are also valuable in their own right. Mass-produced cufflinks, by contrast, are not rare and, in our opinion, not terribly distinctive either. They are often trite, cheap-looking or—even worse—boring. If you are a man of style and good taste, you need to own a pair of Clever Cufflinks.

What is the difference between your cufflinks and “vintage” links I can buy secondhand?

We are big fans of vintage cufflinks! In fact, that is why we started this business: to create modern products with an authentic “vintage” feel. But you will find that our cufflinks express far more personality than most of the secondhand cufflink sets on the market. In addition, cufflinks from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties were commonly made using very ordinary materials, such as steel and plastic. Photo of old link(We will occasionally use stainless steel, but the vast majority of our basic materials are sterling silver, copper or brass.) Another important difference is the cufflink post. tbarexample.jpgA great many Victorian and early Twentieth Century cufflinks used a chain link to connect two items that slipped through the wearer’s buttonhole (such as the example on the left, circa 1900). Standard French cuff buttonholes of today are too small to accommodate these older links, and require putting them in first, then wriggling into your already-buttoned shirtsleeves. They look great sitting on your dresser, but you have to be a contortion artist to wear them! In contrast, our cufflinks all employ easy-to-use rotating T-bars (example shown on the right). You see, at Clever Cufflinks we don’t just make cufflinks, we wear them, too.

I want to order more than one pair of cufflinks. How many do you keep in stock?

Because our inventory is so unusual, our website generally only lists one pair of each item as “in-stock.” We do however, stock multiple copies of some items, and many others can be reproduced to order. Please e-mail us to avoid disappointments.

I didn’t find a pair of cufflinks in your inventory to my liking. Can I design my own links?

Yes! Virtually any object between the size of a shirt button and a quarter can be mounted as a cufflink. As you can see from our diverse product offerings, we have extensive experience working with different materials, including metals, glass, paper and plastics. You provide the objects, and we’ll make them into cufflinks for you (stud sets are available, too)! We can also create custom, etched and enameled cufflinks from your two-dimensional design in sterling silver or brass. Click here to read more about our custom capabilities.

I want to pay with a credit card but don’t have a PayPal account. Does that matter?

No! PayPal, our payment processor, no longer requires credit card users to have a relationship with them. checkout image #1(If you do have one it will speed up your check-out by a couple of minutes by saving you from entering your name, address and credit card number.) From the check-out page, select "Secure Credit Card via PayPal" (as in the example on the left), then click the “Pay Now” button to proceed to the PayPal secured website. Enter your credit card information as you normally would. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order and it will appear on your credit card statement as usual.

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

Because we are in the business of making cufflinks, not Internet security, we have outsourced our credit card processing to PayPal, one of the world’s largest payment processors. Its site uses 256-bit encryption—the highest level of Internet PayPal Screenshotcoding available. Whenever you see the “s” after “http” in the URL in your browser window, (as with the example on the right), you are on a secure website and can pay confidently, knowing that your private information is encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.

Can I pay by check?

We gladly accept personal checks and money orders through the mail. Proceed to the check-out and select payment by "Check or Money Order," as in the example below. You will be prompted for your shipping information and provided with the address where you can mail check-out image #1your funds. An “invoice” will appear on the screen. Be advised that we will hold orders until checks clear. You will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. We will reserve your items for up to two weeks while we await your payment. If you would like to pay through electronic check with no holding period, instead of "Check or Money Order" select "Secure Credit Card via PayPal," then select “E Check” as your payment option at the PayPal website. Follow the screen instructions to complete your purchase.

Can I pay with a debit card?
Yes. As long as your debit card bears the Visa or MasterCard logo, it can be used just as you would a credit card. Simply enter the data from your debit card into the credit card fields upon check-out.

What are my shipping options?

Clever Cufflinks uses the US Postal Service as its standard shipper. Both UPS and Federal Express cater primarily to large corporate clients. As a small business, Clever Cufflinks cannot obtain competitive shipping rates from these couriers. We normally ship USPS Priority Mail, which generally takes only two to three business days in the Continental U.S. We have found it to be a reliable and cost-effective shipping method.

I would like to receive my order overnight. Can I use another courier besides the Post Office?

No. We do, however, ship using the USPS Express Mail (next-day) service. Simply select “Next Day Delivery” in the shipping options. Your purchase will arrive the following afternoon. Note: Your order must be placed by 12 noon Central Time in order to receive your goods the following day.

I live in Canada. Can I place an order on your website?

Yes. You can order directly through the website by entering “Canada” in the country field. You must select the “Global Priority/Canada Post” option in the shipping field. The US Post Office ships Priority Mail to the Canadian border, from which Canada Post forwards the package. This takes approximately four to five days. Two to three-day delivery is possible, though it is not listed on our form; please e-mail if you need something the next day. Also, if you pay by credit card, be sure to select “U.S. dollars” when you check out.

I live in Mexico. Can I place an order on your website?

Yes. You can order directly through the website by entering “Mexico” in the country field. You must select the “Global Priority/MexPost” option in the shipping field. The US Post Office ships Priority Mail to the Mexican border, from which MexPost forwards the package. This takes approximately five to six days (overnight delivery is unavailable). Also, if you pay by credit card, be sure to select “U.S. dollars” when you check out.

I live overseas. Can I place an order on your website?

Yes. We use the United States Postal Service to ship Global Priority Mail to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. Packages typically arrive within five days of shipment. Click here for more information about overseas shipping. Please e-mail us if your country is not listed.

What is your return policy?

We will cheerfully accept returns on inventory items within 30 days of purchase and refund your money or apply your return to another purchase. (Custom products cannot be refunded but may, at our discretion, be redone.) We offer a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. This means we will repair or replace your product at our expense if it fails or breaks due to a poor joint or weak mounting materials. (Damage caused by excessive stress or abusive wear is excluded.) Cufflinks or studs that are broken or damaged by the customer will be repaired, if possible, for a small fee.

None of these exchanges answered my question. What should I do?

E-mail us ( with your question or problem. We respond to e-mail promptly, almost always the same day.

I would like to speak with a live human being. How can I reach you?

Telephone us at 800-930-3475 (or 312-343-5475 from northern Illinois). We will respond to after-hours messages within a couple of hours if possible—even on weekends!

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