About PayPal

PayPal is the secure transaction processor for credit cards on this website. It receives the customer credit/debit card data for each order, processes and clears the transactions for us and remits confirming e-mails to both you the customer and to Clever Cufflinks. PayPal protects your in-transit data using a secure socket layer (SSL) employing 128-bit encryption—the highest level commerically available. When you pay through PayPal, you can pay with confidence that your private data is completely secure.

We work with PayPal because it allows us to offer a highly flexible package of payment options, including all major credit cards, bank debit cards, eChecks and more. You can even pay in foreign currencies.

PayPal was known originally as a sort of Internet bank account provider popular with bidders at online auction house eBay. Up until 2004, PayPal required all purchasers to have an account with them. That requirement has been abandoned. You do not have to sign up to use the service, pay a surcharge, or provide a shred of extra personal information. Plus, you will find it’s an absolute snap to use!

Since we began using PayPal, we have been very pleased with their level of information, security and ease of use. We think you will be, too. We have a lot of fun at Clever Cufflinks, but in this era of sophisticated cybercrime, knowing who is handling your financial information on the other end of the Internet is serious business.

We invite you to visit their website if you have any questions about PayPal or its security.