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At the suggestion of our customers, we’re offering a sneak peek—a chance to acquire something so scarce it isn’t even on the market yet! The Clever Cufflinks Hot List is a partial listing of distinctive items we have acquired but not yet converted into cufflinks or studs (photos available upon request).

The list features some our rarest finds, which we call “Blue Moon” items. We certify that you will not find the same Blue Moon item for sale at Clever Cufflinks for at least one year, if ever. Thus this sheet will enable you to acquire cufflinks that—quite literally—no one else has.

As a reward for your careful shopping, you can purchase any pair of cufflinks or stud set on the Hot List at 25 percent off its future list price!

If you see something on the Hot List that strikes your fancy, simply telephone or e-mail us and we will make them up especially for you. Depending upon the item, they may be ready as soon as two weeks.

Hot List for February 2007  (Items in blue are Blue Moon items.)

Rare Thai porcelain gambling tokens, 3/4-inch, c. 1840 (colors and shapes vary).Sterling silver$250
Amazingly preserved Egyptian scarab amulets, 3/4-inch by 1/2-inch, c. 1300 B.C.14K gold$750
Rare pair of tin Cracker Jack baseball pins, painted gold: “Short Stop” and “1st Base”, 1-inch by 1/2-inch, c. 1920.14K Gold-filled$175
Pair of Shredded Ralston Cereal Charms (paper over plastic), 3/4-inch by 1/2-inch.Sterling silver$100
Unusual Lord Kitchener gold-colored Pepsin gum celluloid pin (pair), 7/8-inch, c. 1900.Sterling silver$200
Fun pair of miniature “Swift’s Premium Ham” Bakelite charms, 1 inch by 5/8-inch, c. 1947.Brass$100
Scarce, highly realistic Helmar “Turkish” cigarette packs (paper over wood), 3/4-inch by 5/8-inch, c. 1950.Sterling silver$175
Cracker Jack “Swami” pot metal lapel pin (pair), set with 1/100-carat white diamond in figure's turban and painted vividly, 1/2-inch, c. 1930.Sterling silver$175
Together again! Sweet Caporal celluloid baseball pins—Cubs legendary infielders Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers (“Tinker-Evers-Chance”), 7/8-inch, c. 1910.Sterling silver$250
Four tiny shamrock-embossed brass buttons, inlaid with green enamel and gold-plated, 3/16-inch, c. 1890. Will make a great stud set.14K Gold-filled$150
Smart aleck-sayings on Hassan cigarette celluloid pinbacks, 7/8-inch (lots of different ones; e-mail for descriptions) c. 1910.Sterling silver$150
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